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Rethinking refugee resettlement in Canada

We make it easy for Canadians to connect with refugees coming to Canada

Learn more about us

How can you help a refugee?

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Meet refugees who recently arrived in your community.

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Hire and refer refugees, helping them secure their first Canadian job.

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Host refugees in your home for their first month in Canada.

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Donate furniture or other items to help refugees with their first home.

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Edit a refugee's resume, offer career advice, and help build their network.

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Practice Language

Help refugees practice English or French via in-person or online chats.

Refugees fleeing conflict arrive in Canada and struggle to resettle.

As a Canadian, you can help.

Canadians are using Haven to meet refugees from Ukraine, Syria, Afghanistan, and elsewhere. Even helping in one small way can make a big difference.

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Iryna S. from Ukraine

I left Ukraine when the war began and came to Calgary with my daughter

My family is looking for a host for our first month

We would love to meet some locals and treat you to some Ukrainian food!

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Julia N. from Toronto

I want to help newcomers to Canada, just like my parents got help years ago!

Happy to review your resume and offer advice

My partner and I would be happy to have you over for lunch and hear your story

Haven makes it easy to know who and how to help.

Refugees post requests for help, and Canadians post offers to help. 

From there, you choose who you match with. If both sides agree, we exchange your contact info, and you will be able to meet either in-person or virtually. 

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ID Verification

We verify the identities of all users. For Canadian hosts, we require an easy-to-complete background check.

We work with a Canadian company, Certn, to complete ID and background checks.

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Flexible Commitment

Canadians are busy. On Haven, you only help as much as you can or want to. 
Even 30 minutes of your time is enough to help a refugee.
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Rewarding Work

Direct and personal help is fulfilling like nothing else. 
We think that helping a refugee will be one of the best philanthropic experiences you will ever have.

We're a team of Canadians with years of experience in resettlement.

We have sponsored refugees, been on the frontlines of refugee crises, managed resettlement from A to Z, and led refugee advocacy campaigns across Canada.

Haven Refugees Inc. (Haven) is a registered Canadian charity based in Toronto, Ontario.


Still wondering about something?

Reach out to our team at

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