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Reimagining refugee resettlement in Canada

We connect Canadians with refugees who are coming to Canada and need help

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Refugees fleeing war and conflict come to Canada with nothing

You can help

Refugees need the help of Canadians to build a new life in our country. This help can be big or small - grab coffee with a Ukrainian refugee who just moved to your neighborhood, help a Syrian refugee look for a job, or help an Afghan refugee improve their English over a call

There are endless ways that you can help refugees

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Iryna S. from Ukraine

I left Ukraine when the war began and came to Calgary with my young daughter

Can someone help me with my resume?

We need help finding an apartment in the city

My daughter and I would love to meet some local Calgarians!

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Julia N. from Toronto

I want to help newcomers to Canada, my parents got that help decades ago!

I'm happy to help you look for a job in the city

I have a spare bedroom and can host someone 

My partner and I would be happy to have you over for lunch and hear your story!

Haven is an easy way for Canadians to match with refugees coming to Canada

Our platform is simple: refugees post requests for help, and Canadians post offers to help. From there, you choose who you match with - if they accept your offer for help, it's a match and we put you in touch

We're a team of Canadians with years of experience in resettlement

We have sponsored refugees, been on the frontlines of refugee crises, managed resettlement from A to Z, and led refugee advocacy campaigns across Canada

Haven Refugees Inc. (Haven) is an incorporated Canadian non-profit based in Toronto, Ontario


Our mission is to reimagine how Canadians help and view refugees

Refugees are not a burden or threat. Together, we can prove that

Still wondering about something?

Reach out to our team at

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