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Without English or French, refugees can't start life in Canada.

Canada's language classes are overwhelmed by the number of refugees arriving because of war.

Want to do something easy to help?

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30 minutes or $25.
It's that easy to help a refugee.

Hop on a video call

Speaking with Canadians is critical for language learning. Our refugee students want to share their story with you.

Help with a donation

$25 is enough to give a refugee an hour of learning in our language program.




A Ukrainian refugee, mom of two, resettling in Calgary.




A Syrian refugee, mom of seven, resettling in London.

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A Ukrainian refugee, mom of one, resettling in Calgary.

Meet some of our students.

Meeting a refugee in your city
is an incredible experience.

Learn about a refugee's story and how they came to Canada. It's a great way for them to practice their English with a Canadian. Your 30 minutes can go a long way to helping a refugee in your city.

To help, create a Haven account below. It's a quick sign-up and ID verification, and you're ready to go. Email us at with questions.

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Our program is an innovative solution to a national problem - helping new Canadians learn English.

We hire teachers, who are also refugees, to teach refugee students through flexible online classes.


Refugees then practice their English with Canadian volunteers, building their confidence and connections with the community. Refugees also get access to our library of learning resources.

Are you a refugee interested in our language program? 

This is a program for ambitious refugees and people displaced by conflict who want to learn English and French more quickly. We offer heavily subsidized language lessons, and the opportunity to meet and practice your language with Canadian volunteers.  

Applications are now live:


Open Arms​

This program was made possible by the team at Open Arms.

Founded in 2021, Open Arms is a Toronto based organization dedicated to helping people fleeing conflict around the world transition to a new life in Canada. They have raised over $100,000 to support people who are impacted by global conflict to access the necessary resources and community required to start their new lives. 


Open Arms is proud to be partnering with Haven to provide support for learning English, one of the biggest barriers to creating a successful life in Canada.

Do you have any questions?

Reach out to our team at

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